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The Te Selle website is divided into several major sections, which can be reached by clicking one of the tabs at the top of each page.  Each major section is described briefly below.  Within each section there are numerous web pages, which can be opened by using the links found in the left margin.  Most of the website content is presented in both English and Dutch.  To change from one language to the other, simply click the flag in the upper left corner of each page.  You will go directly to the same page in the other language.

  • Home
    A “What’s New” page describes the latest additions and updates to the website, so that returning visitors can easily determine what has been changed since their last visit. A "Search Page" allows a website user to quickly search for a word, phrase, or name anywhere within the Te Selle website. A "Feedback" page welcomes visitors to give us their comments, ideas, and constructive criticism about the website. Finally, there is a page "About Us", describing some of the people who have contributed to the creation of the Te Selle Chronicle, Genealogy, and related materials.
  • Te Selle Chronicle
    The Chronicle describes the Te Selle family origin in the early 1700's in the small farming community of Winterswijk in Eastern Netherlands.  Various chapters then follow the emigration of three Te Selle brothers to America. Those three brothers eventually establish farms in Nebraska, and raise families whose offspring have dispersed to many parts of the United States.
  • Letters from America
    During the period 1865 - 1911 the three Te Selle brothers who originally emigrated to the United States wrote several letters back to their family in Winterswijk.  There are 35 of those letters that were saved at the family residence near Winterswijk.  Copies of those letters and the English translations are available on this website for viewing.
  • Memorabilia
    Several family members have contributed documents, photos, letters, and other memorabilia that help to tell the story of the Te Selle family.  This memorabilia is organized into three separate sections:  (1) Historical Perspective, (2) Personal Memorabilia, and (3) Visits to Winterswijk, Netherlands.  Visit the Memorabilia Section for more information about the content.
  • Photos
    This section includes a variety of photos and images submitted by several family members.  The photos are grouped into various subjects, such as specific people or family groups, places and structures of interest, family events and reunions, etc.
  • Genealogy and Family Tree
    The Te Selle family tree is actually quite small and well-documented.  All Te Selle family members trace their roots to Harman Wiggers, who moved from the Winterswijk farm called "Wiggers" to the nearby farm called "de Selle" about 1712. According to the custom of the day, Harman became "Harman te Selle", rather than "Harman Wiggers".   About that time the local laws and customs changed so that Harman's descendants retained the surname "te Selle", rather than adopting the name of any future residence.  Because of the uniqueness of the name "te Selle", it seems clear that everyone named "te Selle" was descended from Harman te Selle.  (Read more about the "te Selle" name and its origins in the Te Selle Chronicle.)
  • Maps
    Several maps show geographical places of significance in the Te Selle family history.
  • Other Resources
    This section includes a bibliography of published materials and links to websites that may be interesting to the reader.
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